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Clueless 4

Page history last edited by varun 12 years, 1 month ago

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                                                                    Clueless 4  the Terrible Twins  #9  Must read Clueless 3 before reading

Varun                                                                                                       9/17/10


Later that night I started falling again.

Hoping I go to a better place this time.

I started falling.

I stopped falling but I wasn't on level ground.

I was flying.

I looked under me and I saw a cloud.

I was floating on a cloud.

But then the cloud started to shrink

and you won't believe where I landed.

I landed on a giant cake.

I looked around and saw these

gingerbread guys.

I was in a land of food!

(Also Clueless).

But suddenly I got dizzy

and everyone else did too.

The platform everyone was on was spinning.

Then I saw it lifting I looked down and saw a 

giant hand.

Then I saw another giant hand.

Then I saw body then a head then two feet.

It was a giant human.

I saw it's mouth open

and we were going inside it.

The gingerbread people where running in circles.

As we got closer to it's mouth I was thinking what to do jump off or try to avoid it's teeth when I was inside of it's mouth.

Then I decided I was going to jump because even if I do avoid it's teeth I'll still be stuck inside it's stomach.

I jumped off and landed on a giant brownie. I jumped off the brownie and on to level ground.

But then I saw another giant.

There was two giants uasally in movies or books there was only one.

They were eating the whole planet.

I had move quick.

I looked up and saw another planet.

I saw one the giants and I climbed his shoe.

I went up the leg trough the stomach and on top of his head.

I did a high jump and landed on the other planet.

I safe for now.

I was on a tiny planet about 30 meters.

I looked around and saw a giant rock.

I walked up to the giant rock and noticed myself falling.

I landed in my bed and I still didn't get my shoe.








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