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Clueless 5

Page history last edited by varun 11 years, 8 months ago

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Clueless 5  the great maze             #9                       must read Clueless 4 before reading

Varun                                              9/19/10                                     


The next day I still didn't get my shoe and I was tired of hiding my left foot to everybody.

Ya I knew I was never going to get my shoe but that didn't mean I should stop trying.

I went back to bed the next day and started falling.

But this time there was a portal under me.

I teloported to a giant mansion.

It was huge!

It was like eleven floors tall.

It looked like a happy place.

Then I looked behind me and all I saw was a giant hole.

Who knows how far deep that hole was.

Anyway I walked up to the mansion.

I rang it's doorbell and then it suddenly turned to night and I heard howling.

I turned into a haunted mansion!

I quietly opened the door and walked in.

I tiptoed slowly.

I had no idea where was and I didn't care because that place was scary.

I opened another door and heard a laughing noise.

I quietly tiptoed inside the door.

Then I saw a tiny closet I looked inside of it.

I saw a stand with a shoe on it.

It was my shoe!

I felt so reileved that I found my shoe.

But then I started floating (instead of falling) right before I grabbed it.

But the shoe was floating too.

Then I  suddenly started to do flips.

I landed on an ice cube.

I looked around and all I saw was ice.

I walked around the planet and I saw a piece of paper.

:It said we have been expecting you your shoe is somewhere here but you half to find it.

But then I saw a giant ice cube.

I saw a boot shaped piece of ice but I couldn't chisel  an ice cube that big.

But then I saw a note under the giant ice cube the top was sticking out.

The note said that: one kick would do the trick.

I didn't think kicking it would work but I did it anyway.

Then I saw a crack in it then another then another.

Then the thing broke


Inside was my shoe then I started floating again.

I went to a desertish place.

There was miles of sand.

I looked around and all I saw cacti and sand.

Then I saw a flash of white reflecting from the blazing sun.

I walked up to it and saw a really shiny note.

It's said:I'm glad you made it here your next clue is under this note.

I knew what that meant.

I had to dig but than I thought who made these clues.

I started digging no note(clue).

I kept on digging.

I was digging so long I forget how long I was digging.

Finally when I about had given up I saw         Water with a wet piece of paper.

I picked up the piece of paper it said:for your next clue find a tree.

I looked around and I didn't see a tree.

I started walking around the desert.

But then I thought were could I find a tree.

I looked down at my feet.

But then I saw a design on my shoe.

It was a tree!

Then I saw a piece of paper sticking out from my shoe(the one I had).

The paper said:Your shoe is at the last puddle of water.

The last puddle of water I thought.

Then I remembered the puddle I dug up to get that clue.

I ran to the puddle.

Then I felt some sweat go down my face.

I went to the puddle.

I saw my shoe.

Right before I grabbed I started floating again.

I landed on a blazing planet with a lot of lava.

Now I was really sweating!

I saw these lava rocks those were my only platforms.

There was a clue on the lava rock I landed on.

I read the clue it said:If you can still take the heat touch the lava for your next clue.


I don't want to burn myself!

Well I had to.

I did a really fast touch.

It really burned but still no clue.

I jumped from lava rock to lava rock.

Until finally I found a cave.

I really needed to get into the shade.

I jumped in the cave.

I saw letters in the wall(inside the cave).

It said The Lava.

Then I thought the clue said The Lava.

I touched it.

Some of the letters were rubbed off.

But in it's place was a tiny slot with a paper in it.

The paper said:before this place burns up find a way out for the clue to your final planet before you go home.

Then I thought how am I going to find a way out of here.

I looked down in sadness.

Then I started walking around the cave.

But then I saw the icky stuff (slime) and a hole too.

I knew what that meant I was getting out of here.

I did the same thing as on planet on the planet that exploded.Right when I was about to start falling I started floating(again).

I landed on like a combination of all of the planets.

It was awesome!

They also added a racing part of the planet too.

I also saw a Halloween part of the planet.

I landed on the racing part of the planet.

Right under me there was a clue (like always).

The clue said:You'll find your next clue inside a pumpkin.

I knew exactly where to find a pumpkin.

At the Halloween part of th planet.

I looked at the Halloween part of the planet.

It was hard to get there because I had to cross the lava part of the planet to get to the Halloween part of the planet.

When I got to the Halloween part of the planet.

I saw a pumpkin patch.

How was I going to find one clue with many pumpkins.

I looked in one no clue.

I looked in another still pumpkin still no clue.

I took me a while to find the right pumpkin.

The clue was inside it (obviously).

The clue said:your shoe is in a go cart.

That had to be the racing part.

I walked past the ice part of the planet to get to the racing part of the planet.

I saw all kinds of cars.

But I didn't see a go cart.

Then I saw a giant go cart it was huge.

I climbed it up. 

At the top I saw a shoe.

But then I realized that isn't my shoe!

I came all this way for nothing.

I jumped down from the go cart and fell into a portal.

I went back to my bed safe and sound.


Comments (2)

varun said

at 4:14 pm on Sep 20, 2010

I finally finished.

Kathy Shields said

at 6:15 pm on Sep 19, 2010

Take you time! Editing is the most important part of the creative process.

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