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Black Widow Spider

Page history last edited by Kathy Shields 11 years, 4 months ago

What can we learn from the black widow?  What kinds of adaptations does she have and how does she use them to survive? Friday a black widow spider was discovered in a web covered small window beside the door leading from the building to the playground. It was captured along with its egg sack and the webs removed. The red hour glass was very prominent and the long fine legs and shiny bulbous body remarkable.  So distinctive is the look of a black widow that those who have now seen one for themselves can identify them and avoid them in the future. Custodians are taking precautions to check for more and administration has been informed of  and will follow up. 

Comments (21)

jack said

at 12:30 pm on Nov 11, 2010

I realy liked the picters!!!!!!!!!!

ryan said

at 8:35 am on Oct 19, 2010

Me like

ryan said

at 8:34 am on Oct 19, 2010

I like the black widow spider. I wish I could of seen the eggs hatch into babys.

Kathy Shields said

at 4:30 pm on Oct 15, 2010

What does it look like? Do tell!

aimy said

at 3:02 pm on Oct 15, 2010

I think I know what a male black widow looks like.

maya said

at 11:42 am on Sep 28, 2010

That Black Widow freaked me out.Why does it have a red dot on it?It was cool but freaky.It's so wierd that the female eats the male.Black Widows are freacky.

ushmi said

at 11:37 am on Sep 28, 2010

That black widow was scary and COOL at the same time! Why does it eat the male?

jack said

at 11:33 am on Sep 28, 2010

That was realy strange and cool.I can not bleave I got two feet from it and did not see it.

josie said

at 11:28 am on Sep 28, 2010

ssssssssssssssoooooooooooo scary

amit said

at 11:26 am on Sep 28, 2010

The black widow is scary and poisonos and i could not beleave we caught one.

jason said

at 11:17 am on Sep 28, 2010

the spider looks cool because the egg looks big.

nathan said

at 11:12 am on Sep 28, 2010

It looks like the egg is flying it is verey cool

aimy said

at 11:08 am on Sep 28, 2010

Mrs. Shields make sure you always bring a cage with you!

andrew said

at 11:07 am on Sep 28, 2010

What IS The Red And Yellow PArt Of The Spider? Why Are The Spiders Called A Black Widow Spiders?

marjorie said

at 10:52 am on Sep 28, 2010

I think black widow spider's seem very rear because the female eat's the male so that's why that it seem's so rear because there's knot a lot of male's around the world to me so that's would I acculicaly think.

donovan said

at 10:49 am on Sep 28, 2010

wow thats cool

varun said

at 10:49 am on Sep 28, 2010

That's great but I have one question,after you caught the black widow what did you do with it.
Let it free or flush it down the toilet?

megan said

at 10:47 am on Sep 28, 2010

the spider was scary was scary to people but not to me.

duron said

at 10:46 am on Sep 28, 2010


duron said

at 10:45 am on Sep 28, 2010

luke said

at 7:41 am on Sep 28, 2010


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