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Clueless 10

Page history last edited by varun 11 years, 7 months ago

                                       Clueless 10 Messing with time           #9

Varun                                                                     11/3/10

                                                      This is my 10th book.

Luckily today today was a weekend so I had no reason to put my shoes on.

It was Saturday night.

Just about time for me to go to bed.

I was having dinner.

Just when I noticed the clock going a little bit faster.

Then a few minutes later (in the clocks terms) I saw it getting even faster.

Untill I got to bed.

I didn't really feel like I had dinner.

My stomach felt empty.

When I went to bed,I slowly started to sink.

The sinking was so slow I didn't feel it.

Right when I was about to fall asleep I went down really fast wich woke me up.

I landed in a big chair.

It was about 4 feet high (not that big).

Thne I saw two identical clocks.

One going as fast as the clock at my house and one that was going very slowly.

I didn't know wich one to trust.

I saw a piece of paper on the chair.

The paper said:look at the identical clock and push the button when they're both at 12:00 o clock.

I looked around and saw no button.

I hopped off the chair.

I saw four buttons.

They all were different colors.

On was red,one was blue,one was yellow and one was green.

I pressed the red one and heard a beep saying BEEEEEEEEEEP!

Then it disapeered.

After that I pressed the blue botton.

The same thing happened.

I tried a to press the green one I heard in a robotic voice somebody say "please try again."

I pressed it again then I heard in normal voice "correct."

Then I started floating.

While I was floating I saw Bobby.

I saw Bobby going slower and I noticed that I was going faster.

Bobby got caught by another planet.

So then I kept on falling.

Soon I landed on a huge meoteorite.

The meoroerite was moving.

Oh and I forgot to tell you,I WAS IN AN ASTRODE BELT!

I was stuck like that...

Untill my astrode was hit.

The astrpde split in half.

But then inside I saw a tiny robot.

Holding my shoe!

I saw the robots face turn red.

Dark red.

He started to laugh and then he flew away.

But there was no way coulld fly because he didn't have a jetpack or anything,

It looked more like he was levitating.

When he started levitating I started floating (along wiith Bobby).

This time I noticed that I was going slower and Bobby was going faster.

I got caught by a planet.

The planet looked like a jungle.

There was trees (but the trees didn't look like the ones from home) and animals (but animals that looked the were violent).

I started walking around.

And all I found was trees and animals (but I tried to avoid the animals).

But then I hit a dead end and I heard a really loud roaring behind me.

I was trapped!

The roaring became louder.

A few seconds later I saw a giant shadow...........shaped like a dinosour.

And a while later I saw a giant dinosour (9 feet tall).

It was really big!

I crawled between it's legs so I could go the other way and get out of there.

But it followed me.

But then I started going faster and the dinosour started to go slower.

I got to escape but I definetly didn't want to stay.

A few minutes later I heard roaring again.

And it sounded like he was back to his normal speed.

I heard stomping on the ground.

I heard it came closer.

And then I saw it again.

I started running (because now I wasn't in a dead end).

Though I didn't notice myself getting faster.

Or noticing the dinosour got slower.

I saw a herd of Terridactyl.

And it looked like the terridactyl were getting chased by something.

I noticed that but I wasn't focused on that.

I started noticing myselff getting faster.

But I didn't look like I was fast enough.

One of the terridactyl was hit by the thing that was chasing them. 

One of the terridactyl was knocked close enough to the ground that could jump on it.

And that's exactly what I did.

I was safe for now.

Now my only problem was the thing that was chasing us.

But I saw a note up there saying:to steer the terridactyl you will have to lean in any direction.

I leaned to the left.

The terridactyl turned left.

I leaned right.

The terridactyl turned right.

Now I knew how to control the terridactyl.

Though I don't know how to control the spee-

I never got to finish the sentence because the speed went really high when I was talking.

I just randomly started changing speed.

So it was hard to dodge the thing that was chasing us.

So I just flew in one direction.

So in a few minutes I'll be too far away for it to get me.

A few minutes passed and I looked behind.

It was still chasing me.

I was away from the herd.

I turned left.

It turned left.

I turned right.

It turned right.

No matter which direction I went in it would go the same way.

This was hard!

A few minutes after running away from it,it just stopped.

I felt safe.

Until I started floating off the terridactyl.

The terridactyl started falling after I started floating.

Bobby was floating with me.

We both landed on the same planet.

But we didn't see

The planet was totally see-through.

We could walk on it so we knew we weren't flying.

Bobby crashed into something.

It was round (that was the only thing we could tell by feeling it).

But suddenly went inside of it.

And so did I.

Bobby and I could tell it was a cannon by the inside.

But cannons aern't round.

The cannon launched Bobby and I home (plus I got a little hint where Bobby lives).



Comments (1)

Kathy Shields said

at 9:00 pm on Nov 8, 2010

This kind of story reminds me a little of Alice in Wonderland. It's got the same kind of nonstop, unbelievable adventure with surprises at every turn. Did any of these ideas pop into your head in class today? The robot for instance?

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