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Economics Project Intl Bazar

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We must complete production by Friday 12/17 in order to attend the International Bazaar the following Monday and Tuesday.  There will be a shoppers preview on Friday for those who may be absent the following week.


Students will work in groups of -3or4 to establish a NEW international business. 

This business will be the main product for their fictitious country.


They will assume the following roles:

  1. Resource Manager -
  2. Production Organizer
  3. Recorder
  4. Promoter

The Process

  • Assign the roles
  • Select a product
  • Gather the materials/resources needed to make the product
  • Do an assembly line time trial, record how long it takes to make 1 product
  • Log all of your steps and findings on a wiki page called Bazaar.
  • Create a promotional campaign and price the product for sale.
  • Produce 40 items


funky airplanes

Funny faces


Amazing mask

Tidi paper  



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