dear marjorie

 write a letter and copy it and paste it here for Marjorie to read.




Dear Marjorie , I heard your coming back to cves we have a new student his name is Alex did you are coming the day of my birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is that cool did you now i don't have Th Afro . and did you know your number 16 now

How was it in Brazil was it fun did you meet any new friends well good by?


I can't wait to see you again, love, Duron





Dear Marjorie, I miss you! Can you come and visit? Ms. shields would love you to come back just to visit. How is it in Brazil? What are the schools like? How long is school? What is your transportation,

Feel free to post your questions as a comment on this page and Marjorie will answer them.

By Andrew



Marjorie we all miss you so much Ms.Morales does to and everyone else in our math class we want you to come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Your friend Sigal